About us

We are a small, family owned local company specialising in creating hand crafted and laser engraved goods and gifts, along with unique and personalised printed goods such as tshirts, hoodies, sports tops etc.

Elaine and Iain are both very environmentally focussed, and our aim is to produce individual items crafted from primarily wood, slate and glass with a focus on sustainability (with many of our products created from reclaimed wood).

Our customised tshirts focus on using both tshirts and materials from suppliers using sustainable materials.

Whether it’s that special gift, wedding favours, or a corporate branding get in touch to discuss your needs.

As all of our items are individually designed and produced, we can often create items to your specification and with your own artwork at very little extra cost.

We raise a large proprotion of our business through word of mouth, and will be trading at local trade fairs and events over the coming year.  We also trade through Facebook, Etsy and of course through the website .

If you’d like to know more about us, or to discuss some custom work then please contact us via the contact form


Bit of blurb about Elaine


Iain works during the day in IT, so uses his spare time in the workshop moving between the lathe, sander, saw and laser engraver to turn your designs into the final finished product (often spreading onto working on the dining room table much to the annoyance of Elaine)


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